Retro Pop Culture

You saw it first on MTV. For much of an entire decade, this was the catchphrase that was repeated time and again, and that today is still remembered by many young people that grew up in the 90s and watched television. Before social networks even existed, many people tuned in on MTV to follow news of the death of Syd Barrett and many others. People referred to it as MTV News and they focused on news about the music world, like The Cure releasidaria-2-uproxxng a new album after many years on hiatus or the death of Kurt Cobain, for example.

Today, something that many people did not think would ever happen is indeed happening. When everyone thought MTV was as good as dead, they have just managed to launch MTV Classic, a channel with video clips with shows from the 80s and 90s. It is known that we live in a time where pop culture is obsessed with all things retro and now this nostalgia channel starts airing again, for millennials; but do any of them still watch TV?

It makes sense that millennials, the most videotaped generation in history (due to cellphones with cameras), think of the era before smartphones’ arrival as something romantic, thinks Amanda Hess, columnist for The New York Times: “we are fascinated by documents of life before everything was documented.” We have an insatiable desire for products that we used to consume many years ago and the kind of entertainment from our youth years.

MTV Classic’s first announcement was that they would show a marathon of nostalgic music in which, for example, people would be able to see Liv Tyler running away with Alicia Silverstone in a convertible while listening to Aerosmith, or Axl Rose weeping by the drawer of his bride and old episodes of Jackass.