This website is all about culture from all over the world, such as the film industry, literature, fashion, art in general, music, humor etc. On this website, the reader will also be able to find info, reflections, curious and fun facts and perhaps even stories related to the interesting and fascinating world you live in, be it the Asian or the American continent. On this website, the reader will be able to find stuff about America, Hollywood and also Japan, the country known internationally as “the land of the rising Sun”.

This webpage’s main and foremost objective is not just to share interesting info, facts or opinions about this wonderful world we live in and all the many rich civilizations, ethnicity and cultures that inhabit it, but also to encourage people to find out more, do more research and respect, accept and love all beings, civilizations, ethnicity and cultures on this planet. On this webpage, we encourage people to give an honest try to incorporate values such as mutual respect and understanding for one other, understanding nature and animals as well as the thousands of different cultures that inhabit the planet.

Perhaps, by means of sharing and accepting each other’s culture and art can human beings and different civilizations finally and truly achieve a much longer life of peace, harmony and bliss. On the many pages and posts that have been posted on this web site, readers will be able to find useful and interesting info, general facts etc. about the many aspects of our world’s culture.